Wills and Probate Services

Wills and Probate Services

The death of a partner or spouse in Nigeria may lead to significant financial hardship and the people you may want to benefit from your property and affairs may not do so if a Will is not prepared.

More and more people are coming to the realisation that without a Will (i.e. dying intestate), they have no control over who will receive any property, money or other assets, as Intestacy Laws will stipulate how the estate will be distributed in that instance.

People who die without a Will are, therefore, leaving unnecessary work, complications and costs for their family and friends and often unintentionally gift assets to the Government.

Administration of an Estate should not become a problem for bereaved families. There are many factors to be taken into consideration when writing a Will and it is important to take qualified advice at that stage, otherwise, families may become divided over the Estate, spending valuable time and money on court hearings.

Our specialist Estate Planning team, at FCMB Trustees, have considerable experience in drawing up Wills, Administration of Estates and Estate Planning and will guide you through the process expertly.

Types Of Will

• Simple Will

• Premium Will

• Comprehensive Will

At FCMB Trustees, we also offer a professional, caring and sympathetic service to assist and guide bereaved families through the complicated legal process of Administration of Estates, including:

• Professional guidance to help you write a legally binding Will seamlessly.

• Lodgement of your Will and applying for the Grant of Probate without hassle.

• Expedite legal process in processing of probate letters.

• By providing Confidentiality, Impartiality and Objectivity in discharging its functions.

• Reducing stress and heartache for your loved ones.

• Estate Administration (we can serve as Executors and Administrators).

• Attachment of Additional Assets where some assets have been omitted.

• Confirming the value of the assets and debts of the Estate.

• Disposal of Assets.

• Paying debts, taxes and other liabilities.

• Paying out the Estate according to the Will. 

• Provide Estate accounts and tax returns.


Many individuals choose to instruct us to carry out some or all of the administration process(es) and ensure their responsibilities are fully complied with. Our personal service ensures that this process is handled professionally, efficiently and at affordable prices.