Company Profile

Company Profile

FCMB Trustees Limited is a Limited Liability Company licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to carry out the business of Trustee Services.

As a member of the FCMB Group Plc and prior to our incorporation in 2010, our Trustee activities were carried out by City Securities Limited, which acted as trustees to numerous debt-related transactions locally and internationally since 1977.

We are well-known for our professionalism and play a major role in Corporate, Public and Private Trust transactions, as well as Wealth Management services.



Our Vision at FCMB Trustees Limited is to be the fastest growing mid-tier wealth management organisation.



Our Mission is to be consistent in delivering superior returns to our shareholders and customers, as well as, offer accessible and relatable Wealth Management solutions to our customers. A hallmark of this mission is our commitment to preserving our reputation for integrity in the market place.