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Other Services

Escrow agreements are versatile tools that can help ensure safe, fair and efficient transactions for a variety of needs.

Acting as your trustworthy, independent third-party agent, CSL Trustees can hold assets (cash, securities, documents), invest funds and manage distributions as needed. We know your escrow needs are unique, which is why our escrow strategy focuses on your specific document and transaction requirements. Whether you’re looking for payment and disbursement services or asset and transaction reporting, our streamlined communication and flexible programs are designed to accommodate your needs.

Our escrow services are typically required for the purposes of indemnification or performance. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash Escrow
  • Securities Escrow
  • Software Escrow

Seedwise Cooperative Society is the brainchild of CSL Trustees. It is a fully digital multipurpose cooperative society and all assets of the Society are managed and invested by CSL Trustees.

The purpose of Cooperative Societies is to promote a savings culture among people and create an alternative avenue for loans and joint investment.

CSL Trustees equally helps set up other Cooperative Societies and supports the Societies’ main activities including:

  • Asset Management
  • Investment Management
  • Secretariat Management


CSL Trustees holds the assets of the Cooperative Society and hedges against the risks associated with Cooperative Societies, protecting the investors’ funds.

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